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Galpharm International Ltd - Cookies Policy


Galpharm International Ltd ("Galpharm") is a healthcare company offering over-the-counter and off-the-shelf medicines to customers both through online sales and third party outlets. Galpharm, with an address of Wrafton, Braunton, Devon, EX33 2DL, is a subsidiary of Perrigo Company plc ("Perrigo"), a company incorporated in Ireland. The Website is owned, operated and provided by Galpharm and/or one of its affiliates or subsidiaries.

Please note that any terms defined in the Terms and Conditions will apply to this Cookies Policy.

Galpharm reserves the right to modify, suspend, amend or withdraw the whole or any part of this cookie policy at any time and for any reason without notice and without incurring any liability. You are recommended to review this privacy policy each and every time you access the Website.


We use 'cookies' on this site. Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer's hard drive and they are used to record how you navigate this Website on each visit; it is for this reason that we can recognise that you have visited the Website before. We use cookies to enrich your experience using the Website. Under no circumstances will we use cookies as a means of collecting personal data about you.

Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can change your browser settings to prevent cookies from being stored. You can do this by clicking on the "help" icon on your browser's menu.

If you choose to turn cookies off this will limit the service that you are provided with and may affect your overall experience and ability to make purchases.


We use cookies to enable us to develop our Website and reflect your interests by noting who has seen which pages, properties and advertisements (including click through from emails), how frequently particular pages are visited and determining the most popular pages of our Website. We use cookies to enrich your experience using the Website by allowing the Website to tailor what you see to what has been learned about your preferences during your previous visits to the Website.

The Website uses cookies to:

  1. To remember the products you put in your basket on your last visit; this way we can keep your basket contents for you if you did not buy the products; and
  2. Track customer behavior such as the pages visited on the Website and the rate of basket abandonment; this information is used to improve the Website and your browsing experience.

The Website may also use third-party tools such as Paypal and Avalara; these third-parties may place cookies through our Website.

You should be aware that some cookies are deleted from your computer when you close your browser ("session cookies") whereas other cookies remain on your computer until they expire or a fixed time has passed ("persistent cookies" - these cookies can be used to store information between browsing sessions).


The tables below list the cookies that we use on the Website. These have been split into Galpharm and third party cookies and further separated into strictly necessary, performance, functionality and targeting categories.

Galpharm Cookies

Cookie Description Originating Page Essential for Checkout Expiry
mzvr Tracking User Activity www.mozu.com /login 05/05/2015
mzvs Tracks session cookies and expires on closing browser www.mozu.com /login 05/05/2015
mozucartcount Used by cart monitor to update cart counts www.mozu.com /login 05/05/2015
mzrt-prod Refresh token for admin user, refreshes at time expiration www.mozu.com /login 05/05/2015
sb-sf-at-prod Storefront access token for shoppers http://www.mozu.com /login 05/05/2015

Third Party Cookies

Cookie Description Originating Page Essential for Checkout Expiry
utma Distinguish users and sessions for Google Analytics www.mozu.com /login 05/05/2015
utmc Determines if user is in new session for Google Analytics www.mozu.com /login 05/05/2015
utmz Stores traffic sources for how user reached site for Google Analytics www.mozu.com /login 05/05/2015
ga Used to distinguish users for Google Analytics www.mozu.com /login 05/05/2015
mkto_trk Tracks conversions if users come via campaign www.mozu.com /login 05/05/2015
optimizelyBuckets/td> Stores variations by user aggregation www.mozu.com /login 05/05/2015
optimizelyEndUserId Contains user's unique identifier www.mozu.com /login 05/05/2015
optimizelySegments Stores JSON of user audienc eand dimension www.mozu.com /login 05/05/2015